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Top Ten tips to consider for winter car storage

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  • On 26, Aug 2015

For owners of sports cars in Canada, fall is a sad time of year as it marks the end of the driving season and get’s us thinking about winter car storage. Just about everyone with a hobby car stores their special ride during the winter months to spare it from the abuse of our harsh Canadian winters.

1. Storage location

Choose a safe and dry building to house your car during the winter. A home garage, can work just fine. If you don’t have a garage, look for a storage facility that has a concrete floor, not bare earth like in an old barn. The facility does not need to be climate controlled but should not have excessive moisture.
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Formula Drift JZX100 Build Update

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  • On 08, May 2015

While many of the Formula D competitors are fine tuning their race cars, Mats and his team at Gold in the Net have been hard at work building an all new race car that was provided by Right Drive. The JZX100 was picked up in mid April and was immediately christened with a 1-wheel-peel burnout. This marked the official start of #roadtoFD2015 for the new Chaser. Continue Reading »

Right Drive Inc. Partners with Mats Baribeau

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  • On 25, Feb 2015

Vaughan, ON. – February 25, 2015 – Specialty vehicle importer Right Drive Inc. has partnered with 2013 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year Mats Baribeau for the upcoming Formula Drift season. Baribeau will be piloting a JZX100 Toyota Chaser provided by Right Drive.

“It was an easy decision to partner up with Right Drive. They are just a short drive away from our home base and them being the largest RHD dealer in Canada, I knew this would be a great fit with our program” states Mats Baribeau. “For 2015, we have been working extremely hard finding new partners for our program to allow us to build a car that will be competitive and reliable. We have shown that we can be competitive when everything is working correctly.” Continue Reading »

RORO vs Container Shipping

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  • On 16, Jan 2015

When it comes to international vehicle shipping there are two options, RORO (roll on roll off) and container shipping. Both have their pros and cons which we will outline here.

It is important to note that before dealing with a Registered Importer and choosing a shipping method, be sure to purchase cargo insurance if it is not included with your vehicle purchase. At RightDrive, we carry maximum cargo insurance with every shipment, standard. This means no extra costs to you.
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Skymeet 2014 Coverage

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  • On 06, Aug 2014

The annual gathering of the Skylines and GT-Rs was at a new location this year, taking place in the back lot of Calstone Inc, a bespoke custom furniture designer. As the show grows each year,and more 15+ year old cars become eligible for import, the quality of cars at the show improves. This year was certainly one of the most exciting and interesting gatherings yet.

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Right Hand Drive Inspiring Automotive Backlash

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  • On 06, Aug 2014

Arnold Klappe was on an ambitious overland tour of East Africa when he saw an unusually angular Japanese van that spoke to his adventurous, West Coast soul.

It was his first glimpse of the famed Mitsubishi Delica, a boxy, diesel-powered vehicle that strongly resembles the iconic Volkswagen vans of a bygone era.

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Driving from the Wrong Side: Right Hand Drive in Canada

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  • On 06, Aug 2014

The woman at the drive-through window was not amused with our right-hand drive antics.

“Hi, how are you?” she said through the little speaker by the passenger window.

“Um, hi, good thanks. Can you talk a little bit louder because I’m on the wrong side of the car?”

Stupid story short, I managed to get a disgusting cheeseburger via the drive-through window even though I was in a right-hand drive car. RHD: 1. Drive-through: 0.

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