JDM Import Eligibility

What can you import?

Just about every country around the globe has importation rules. In Canada (except Quebec), vehicles must be 15 years old to the month of manufacture in order for them to be legally imported and driven without the worry of having them impounded, seized or crushed. And in the U.S, vehicles must be 25 years old to the month of manufacture.

Starting in the early 2000’s, many popular Japanese vehicles became legal to import. These include the Nissan Skyline GTR, Nissan Silvia, Toyota Supra MKIV, Mazda RX7 FD3S, Honda Integra and much more. Kei trucks and right hand drive SUV’s are also largely imported.

At RightDrive, we have extensive experience in importing the highest quality vehicles. Since 2007 we have been providing a full turn-key import service to Canadians and Americans.

Our all inclusive, turn-key Import Service includes;

• Vehicle location
• Short or long-term storage
• Export preparation
• OEM level maintenance and tuning (replaced belts, pumps, batteries, bushings, fluids etc)
• Insured international ocean freight
• Port forwarding
• Customs clearance (importation)
• DOT/EPA modification and filing (daytime running lights, child safety latch, DOT tires)
• Registration assistance

We also offer a custom ordering service. Whether you are looking for a RHD Jeep for your postal route or a high power R32 GTR for track dominance, we will find it, inspect it, import it, prep it and get it to you without any hassle.

To learn more about available imports, check out our inventory.

Registering your JDM vehicle

Once your vehicle arrives you would go about registering it much the same way you would with any other vehicle. You only require a valid safety certification, emissions test and an insurance policy and then you can hit the pavement. We will also provide you with all the proper importation documents that accompanies your vehicle should you need to present it at your local DMV. These documents will include things like;

• Japanese de-registration
• Translated vehicle title
• Soil exams
• Customs release form
• EPA emissions exemption form
• Bill of lading
• Bill of sale
• Mechanical inspection • Short or long-term storage

About Us

Since 2007, RightDrive Inc. has imported more then 1,000 vehicles for enthusiasts, collectors, small and large business owners and other buyers. What started as a passion for automobiles quickly grew into one of North America's largest import dealerships that features international staff, a large parts department and a dedicated service center.