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The Credit Union may obtain information about me and/or my co-applicant, from my/our employer, any credit bureau or any other person in connection with any of my/our dealings with the Credit Union and the Credit Union may disclose (automatically or upon request) credit information about me/us to credit bureaus and persons with whom I/we have or propose to have financial dealings, if the Credit Union believes disclosure is required by law. I/We certify that the information in this application is true and correct and that each asset is shown at its present fair market value and I/we own all such assets. I/We am/are not being sued and there are no judgements or executions against me/us. If any or part of this statement is incorrect or if there is a breach of this agreement, then I/we hereby agree with the Credit Union that all my/our present and future indebtedness to the Credit Union shall become due and payable without notice of demand.

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