1995 Mercedes Benz E36 AMG Wagon - Sold

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Model, Body type:

1995 E320T, Wagon

Fuel Type:


Engine Power

3.6L Inline-Six




Blue-Black Pearl Metallic






Japan, In Transit


156,000 km



Sold Date:


Vehicle Overview

The 1995 Mercedes Benz E36 AMG Wagon is a classic example of luxury and performance fused in a family-friendly package. It features a sleek yet muscular design, characteristic of Mercedes-Benz vehicles of the mid-90s, combined with the distinct sportiness imbued by AMG tuning.

The exterior of the E36 AMG Wagon is marked by its elegant, flowing lines, with a long roofline that seamlessly integrates with the rear hatch, maintaining the wagon's practicality without sacrificing style. It often comes in classic colors like deep black, silver, or navy blue, which accentuate its refined aesthetics. The front end is distinguished by the iconic Mercedes-Benz grille and badge, flanked by sharp, rectangular headlights, giving it an assertive presence.

One of the standout features of this model is the AMG-tuned chassis and suspension, which offer a more dynamic driving experience compared to the standard E-Class models of the time. Under the hood, the E36 AMG Wagon is powered by a robust inline-six engine, which provides a harmonious blend of power and smoothness, making it a joy to drive both on highways and winding roads.

The interior of the E36 AMG Wagon is a testament to 90s luxury, with high-quality materials and finishes. Leather seats, wood trim, and advanced (for its time) electronic features create an environment that is both comfortable and sophisticated. Despite its performance enhancements, the wagon remains practical, offering ample cargo space and seating capacity, making it a versatile choice for families or individuals needing extra space without compromising on performance or style.

Interior Features

Air Conditioner

Folding Seats

Leather Seats

Power Front Seat

Power Windows


Exterior Features

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