I’m sure most of us will agree that summer 2K19 came and went faster than we could blink.

What really matters though is that you have made memorable moments to cherish for years to come. Here at Right Drive we experienced memorable moments as well by sending out customer requested vehicles prior to importation. Some of these vehicles have been added to existing collections and others to be used for advantages in work purposes such as a “RSMC” employee.

Hard work deserves reward

Everyone knows in order to achieve goals you need to WORK! Our recent customers understand this concept but also understand the concept of rewarding yourself for the hours spent hustling and grinding. 1994 Toyota Supra TT 0059 (2)


It’s fair to say not everyones situation allows them to make certain dreams come to reality, and that’s life. It’s also fair to say it’s not impossible to overcome those situations and allow those dreams to come into reality. Check out some of the vehicles imported from across the world through Right Drive prepped and ready to be delivered to people who made their vision immanent.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to drive and shoot these vehicles, and I hope you enjoy them.



The Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, my favourite JDM piece since beginning my position here at Right Drive. It’s simply an elegant machine made to do one thing; deliver a thrilling driving experience. The RX-7 gives you the ultimate package; A distinctive style separating it from the competition, powerful but delicate rotary engine, and prestige handling. Odds are if you’re an enthusiasts you already know what this car is capable of, but if you’ve never experienced it behind the wheel you are missing out!


Although this rare JDM classic’s stay wasn’t long, watching it go brought joy to the Right Drive team because we know our customer would treat it with care just as we did.



This next car is a Toyota. What do you think it is? Supra. AE86. FR-S. Of course you’d name the top models and forget an underdog called Soarer. 


The Soarer aka Lexus SC is a remarkably underestimated little brother of the well known Toyota Supra. This model was in production from 1991-2000 similar to it’s older brother MK-lll Supra (A80) which was from 1993-2002. The Soarer came equipped with three options; a 2.5L Twin Turbo (1JZ-GTE), a 3.0L (2JZ-GE), and a 4.0L (1UZ-FE). This particular car is equipped with the 2.5L which produced approximately 270hp stock, but some tasteful mods enhanced performance moderately!

As a personal preference, the Mazda RX-7 Spirit R felt more natural than the Soarer did, but the modifications changed my overall review of the car going from unmatched to comparable. Here are some images of the tasteful mods, comment what you think!

Nice paint paired with a carbon fibre hood, the griffin badge, Volk GTS 2-Piece shoes, APEXi engine management tools, and much more engine modifications the eye can’t see without the motor opened. The previous owner knew what he was doing, and if he’s reading this now, thank you for creating such a clean and well thought-out build.

To the new owner, enjoy this car, treat this car with respect and it’ll never let you down!

The next car definitely surprised me at first because it’s a wagon. Never would I have thought a wagon could be so cool, especially from the JDM Legend era. Subaru is definitely an underestimated manufacturer. I can say this because I am a prime suspect in underestimating their vehicles. Take this 2001 Subaru Forester STI II Type M for a perfect example. SUBARUFORESTERSTI-2

Of course I’ve experienced the 2.5L Turbocharged Boxer motor before but in a LHD 11′ Subaru WRX STi prior to this RHD Forester. It is a night and day difference starting with the power of course, but I didn’t deny the classic JDM feel from the wagon more so.

It was a great experience seeing the new owner pick this up as he prepped his to-do-mods checklist. He is definitely the definition of work hard, and reward yourself for the efforts you’ve put out.

To the new owner, remember the moment you picked this up, and the bliss it brought you!

A Super Rare Jaguar

“Just wait until you see what’s coming next week”, said Michael Kent; chief executive officer of Right Drive Inc. As you can imagine my wildest thoughts started to venture in many different directions like, “Is it a McLaren, AMG GTR, some sort of 1,000 horsepower Skyline?” Either way if Mr.Kent is excited for a certain vehicle, I’m sure the moment it arrives you’ll be as well!

The Jaguar XJ220 a remarkable 500+hp machine worth the hype. First impressions was its long fighter jet like body style, which I didn’t like at first until the vehicle moved on it’s own. Check out this video on our YouTube Ch, of the moments it arrived.


This one hit deep when it left

Upon arriving at Right Drive, I was put to the test to get a gist of my skills in content creating. My project was this unique car that I’ve only ever seen or heard of from the anime “Initial D”. It cannot compare to my favourite JDM car the Mazda “RX-7” or the mighty “Gojira” GT-R series cars, but for some reason I resulted to admiration anyways.

1991 Suzuki Cappuccino

This is a stick shift, convertible, rear-wheel-drive, and turbocharged classic even though you don’t hear too much about it. I’m approximately 6’2 and driving this car was definitely a challenge but easy to get going. As small as the engine is, the turbo made tasteful turbo noises, and the swiftly handling boosted driving experience. My favourite part of this car was taking off the roof because my head only then would stop hitting the roof. I know the new owner will adore this machine, and we can’t wait to hear his response!

Summer 2k19 was one for the books

It’s time to bundle up for the cold winter out here in Canada and embrace the holidays to come. We thank you for reading along and seeing a little bit of Right Drives projects. There’s definitely a lot more room for other projects to come, and the team is ready to roll.