The woman at the drive-through window was not amused with our right-hand drive antics.

“Hi, how are you?” she said through the little speaker by the passenger window.

“Um, hi, good thanks. Can you talk a little bit louder because I’m on the wrong side of the car?”

Stupid story short, I managed to get a disgusting cheeseburger via the drive-through window even though I was in a right-hand drive car. RHD: 1. Drive-through: 0.

Parking garages, I’ll admit, are a little trickier. You can either drive in backwards so you can reach the ticket machine (not recommended) or you can hop out and dash around the front of the car to the machine (less challenging, but safer). In this case I’d say the point goes to the parking machine.

But, those were the biggest challenge I faced during my week of RHD ownership. Imported RHD cars from Japan and Britain open up a whole new used market full of exciting, fun, rare, fast, unique, practical and even cheap vehicles. Plus, most Japanese cars that come here have very low kms and little rust.

You don’t have to be an enthusiast to consider one, but you should know what you’re getting into.

It never felt scary or hard. I could easily see a RHD car being used a daily-driver.

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