“If you’re looking for the bones of Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa, you may need look no further than the General Motors headquarters. According to a new book by Hoffa’s former driver and mob goon Marvin Elkind, Hoffa’s corpse rests below the cement foundation of the Renaissance Center. Elkind co-wrote Weasel: A Double Life in the Mob with a Canadian journalist, and according to one passage, reported mob boss Anthony Giacalone told Teamsters delegates to “Say good morning to Jimmy Hoffa, boys,” as he nodded to the foundation of the Renaissance Center during a conference in Detroit in 1985.

Thin evidence? Sure, but the news is just as credible as any of the other theories concerning Hoffa’s dissappearance. From a burial under the end zone of the old Giants Stadium in New Jersey to cremation at a Hamtramck waste disposal facility, plenty of urban legends surround the union leader’s vanishing act. Something tells us no one’s going to be ripping up the floor boards at the RenCenter looking for musty bones anytime soon, however”

Source: Autoblog