“The first season of Top Gear USA was a little rough, and the statistical proof of this came in the form of lukewarm ratings. But instead of dumping the show in favour of more Pawn Stars re-runs, The History Channel decided to give the auto-focused program another chance at success. Good thing, too, as the second season of Top Gear USA was more refined, more entertaining and, we’re guessing, it brought in more ad dollars. That’s because the show’s ratings jumped by 30 per cent, with the much-sought 25-54 demographic jumping by 35 per cent.

Thanks to those 1.9 million average viewers, History decided to extend season two by eight more episodes. Hosts Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, Rutledge Wood and the crew are already in production, and History tells us the new episodes will feature “more exciting challenges, crazy antics and legendary vehicles.”

The extended season will include Adam and Rutledge coming up with dangerous ways to charge an electric vehicle while driving and Tanner heading to England to drive the Noble M600. The show hosts will even whip up some homemade limos out of some funky rides, and use the stretch monstrosities to chauffeur celebrities to the Emmy Awards.

Like we said, the first season was pretty average (and sometimes unwatchable), but the second run of shows were far more entertaining. We’re thinking that a larger audience can only lead to more investment in the show, which should be a good thing.”</p.

Source: Autoblog