“It was on this day in 1934 that the “Jidosha-Seizo Kabushiki-Kaisha” (translated to Automobile Manufacturing Co. Ltd.) took on the name we now know it as – Nissan. The name comes from a shortened form of Nihon Sangyo, the company that became the 100% investor at a stockholder’s meeting.

Just a year later, Nissan already had its first full assembly plant up and running, producing the Datsun Model 14. They also settled on a logo. Unfortunately, with World War II just around the corner, Nissan Motor Co. would then become Nissan Heavy Industries, producing vehicles for the Japanese Army.

It wasn’t until 1949 that Nissan would again become Nissan Motor Co. where over the next several years, they would form a “technical cooperation” alliance with Austin of England. It was also around this time when Nissan would acquire the Prince brand. You may not have heard of them, but it was Prince that came up with the original Skyline in 1957. For reference, the Skyline above is a 3rd generation. Without them, we might not have the Godzilla GT-R we know and love today.

Despite the continued use of the Datsun name, Nissan dropped it entirely in the 1980s, but not before slapping the badge on the legendary Z-cars. Nissan is bringing the name back, but only for developing markets.”

Source: Autoblog