“The Nissan GT-R is no joke. Sure other forums poked fun at its portly weight and tendency to grenade trannies after 100 or so launches but its still spooky fast. Want proof? Auto Moto Sport (AMS) from Chicago has taken the R35 platform to new heights (or lows if you consider ETs) in terms of performance numbers and raw twin turbo thrust. Their latest feat is just another in the rapid progression they have developed with their latest iteration, the Alpha Omega GT-R.

At Lonestar Motorsports Park in Texas, the AMS crew trailered their beast down from Chicago to make a statement. And a statement, they made! The Alpha Omega revved up squatted down and peel its way up the quarter mile for a new world record. The car ran 8.63 @ 172.15 MPH and was all over the map meaning that their 1,602 whp car (with 1,152 lb-ft) is going to need way more traction in the future. The car was equipped with a street legal drag radial and was a full weight, full interior car meaning if you have the funds, AMS will make one for you to drive to work and back.”

Source: Autoblog