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2001 Acura Integra – Left Hand Drive

This low mileage summer driven Acura Integra drives very well, the body is in impeccable shape and it comes with lots of bonuses such as…
112,852 KM

2001 Honda Integra Type R – Mugen

The Legendary JDM Right Hand Drive Honda Integra Type R (DC-5): Called "The best handling front-wheel-drive car ever", by TheAutoChannel.com, and "The greatest front-wheel-drive performance…
85,000 KM

Honda / Acura Integra Type R

The Honda Integra type R, known as the Acura Integra in North America is the light weight performance based version of the Integra GS-R. Weight…
105680 KM

1996 Honda Integra Type R

This white on white JDM Integra Type R is stunning inside and out. Some choice aftermarket parts include a catback exhaust and coilovrs to go…
105000 KM

1997 Honda Integra Type R

This is a rare black on black ITR (most made in white) with some nice aftermarket goodies. It has a carbon fiber hood, ugen exhaust…
133000 KM

1996 Honda Integra Type R

Black on Black Integra Type R! It does not get much better than this. The interior is top grade, paint is fantastic and chassis is…
88000 KM

1995 Honda Integra Type R

December built 1995 ITR (one of the the first available). This ITR will be one of Canada's first. The Type R features stiffened suspension and…
83000 KM