On October 20th, 2019 we sent out our media team to grab shots of our sponsored kart driver racing at Goodwood Kartways. For this event our driver faced his first “Endurance” race where he would need to drive for a full hour nonstop unless a mandatory PIT STOP was needed.

“You’ll never know the feeling of a driver when winning a race. The helmet hides feelings that cannot be understood.” – Ayrton Senna

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In any form of racing whether short distance, long distance, short duration, or long duration, it’s very tough to stay focused. You are out there on the track to win, but so many things will race through your head like passing road signs going 140KMs/hr. We asked our driver what he felt behind the wheel and he said, “there’s so much to think about.” Referring to a racing prodigy like Lewis Hamilton, “controlling your emotions, and focusing on your goal in front of you” is critical. It looks like our junior racer has a lot to learn from his senior superiors, but it’s like that in just about every form of sport or activity.


In life the odds are always against you whether you’re young, middle aged, or older but remember you still have opportunities to achieve great things. Get started today by taking a few steps forward towards your passion. Even if you step blindly forward, eventually the pathway will get clearer and clearer. Take your PIT stop when needed, but get right back into the adrenaline filled race called LIFE!