JDM Import Process

1. Choosing a Vehicle: In Stock Vehicles vs Custom Orders

We stock roughly 40-60 vehicles at our dealership in Toronto, Ontario at any given time. Buyers are welcome to shop our inventory and purchase a vehicle that we have already imported. The advertised price includes every import related fee and our service fee. This means that the price you see is the price you pay. If you buy off the lot, you can pick up your vehicle from our dealership in Toronto or have it safely shipped at an extra cost. Our team will arrange all the shipping and import paperwork.

Alternatively, you can use our popular custom ordering program. Approximately 60% of RightDrive customers bought their Right Hand Drive import through this simple but detailed system. Here is how it works;

You start by filling out a quick online form to tell us what kind of vehicle you are looking for. This includes details about tolerable mileage, desired modifications, desired colors, your budget and more. Once your portal form is complete you checkout with your $1500 deposit to activate your portal and then sit back and wait for your results. We do all the leg work from that point on. The deposit fee goes towards the price of your vehicle. Picking your vehicle.

Every 24-48 hours if matches are found, our team of experts will send you the vehicle matches for you to review. When the perfect vehicle comes up, you tell us and then we have our team in Japan inspect it further and bid on your behalf. In the event that a vehicle is not as advertised, we will inform you of the hidden defects and advise you to continue the hunt. The process then starts over again at no extra cost. We do this for as it takes to find your dream vehicle.

2. Paying for your car

Before a vehicle can be picked up or shipped from our dealership in Toronto, a full payment is required. If not going through financing, payment options include either Bank Drafts or Wire Payments, other payment methods such as credit card may be subject to a service charge. Contact us for additional information.

In the event that you import a car that is not yet eligible for import, we offer both short and long term storage at our dealership in Toronto. Short term storage is free but there is a monthly fee for long term storage. The fee covers regular start-up to keep fluids moving as well as detailing to keep the vehicle clean and protected from the elements.

3. Japanese Export and shipping

Before your vehicle is loaded for shipping we take a few final steps to ensure quality. Your vehicle is inspected by our team in Japan and undergoes a cleaning to remove any dirt or debris. This is a necessary step in order to pass soil inspection once landed in Canada. De-registration papers are then filed by our staff along with loading and customs clearance papers.

We use ONE method for shipping – container. Containers do command a higher price than RO/RO shipping but we do it for one reason – securing our quality vehicles. Unlike other exporters/imports who cram as many vehicles as possible (and loose parts) into their containers we do not. We store a maximum of 4 vehicles per container and securely fasten them with ample room. This ensures that vehicles do not come into contact during transportation. You would be surprised how many other importers cars arrive with the all too common fender, roof and hood dents.

4. Importation

Once your vehicle arrives in the port of Vancouver, our team in British Columbia clears it through customs and files all the necessary paperwork. Once cleared, your vehicle is loaded and delivered to Toronto by train. The container is then loaded onto a truck and delivered directly to our dealership in Vaughan where our staff personally unload each and every vehicle.

Our licensed mechanics then conduct a 120 point inspection of your vehicle while our parts staff order replacement belts, pumps, bushings fluids etc to bring y our vehicle to OEM maintained specs if necessary. The final stage before delivery is a professional detailing. There are no additional charges for any of these services – it is all included in the advertised price.

5. Receiving your car

Buyers are welcome to pick up their vehicle at our dealership in Pickering. Our staff ensure that your car or truck is safety certified and ready for the roads. We also take care of all the ownership transfer and registration paperwork as well as licensing. This means you can show up and drive away while we do all the leg work.

For US customers who wish to drive their vehicle home, we provide all the necessary import and customs documents so that you have a seamless transition across the Canadian border.

We also offer many methods of shipping. Buyers can pick up their vehicle from our dealership and enjoy the drive back to their hometown or we can arrange shipping at the buyers expense. We have partnered with reputable shipping companies who offer exposed or enclosed shipping.

6. Registering your car

Once your vehicle arrives you would go about registering it much the same way you would with any other vehicle. You must show a valid safety certification and an insurance policy and then you can hit the pavement. We provide you with the safety certification at no extra cost as well as all the proper importation documents that accompanies your vehicle should you need to present it at your local DMV. These documents will include things like:

• Japanese De-Registration
• Translated Vehicle Title
• Soil Exams
• Customs Release Form
• EPA Emissions Exemption Form
• Bill of Landing
• Bill of Sale
• Mechanical Inspection