The Nissan GT-R is incredibly popular—partly because of its outstanding performance (all-wheel-drive, turbocharger, etc.), partly because of its outstanding value but a big part of that car’s following is the cult that surrounds it.

Nissan has a few sources to thank for that; video game franchises like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport for featuring many different versions of the car (it traces its roots to Nissan Skyline models from the late 1950s), tuning magazines the world over and in North America, men like Mike Kent, who has been bringing the 2013 GT-R’s ancestors to our shores since the mid-2000s.

You see, this latest GT-R (the R35 to some) is the first generation of the model to be sold at Nissan dealerships in Canada. All cars before it have been making their way to our shores via importers like Kent, who owns Right Drive, a vehicle importer and dealership in Vaughan, ON specializing in right hand drive Japanese domestic market (JDM) vehicles.

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