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We cut throught the vehicle import red tape and set the standard for custom JDM imports with features including:

  • Regular Personalized Updates: We keep you connected, updating you every 24-48 hours with potential JDM import matches tailored to your preferences.

  • Inspection Assurance: Find a JDM import in the updates that captures your interest? We provide unlimited inspections and secure your choice upon approval.

  • Professional Support: Navigate the complexities of custom JDM imports effortlessly. We manage all logistics, offering you a seamless experience.

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I just wanted to say thank you all for you help and service towards the (Nissan Silvia) S15 delivery. I am glad to say the wait is finally over! Michael, thanks for taking your time explaining the process from start to end and getting the car delivered in the prestine condition as promised when we started the process a year ago. I was originally hesitant and expected to replace a lot of parts on my own as I didn’t think the car would come as clean as described. Alan and Daryl, thanks for all your help in taking the time and explaining your experiences with certain parts as it helped me make my decision on what I wanted. This is just the beginning of my build story, but glad to have the car in the current condition. During the weekend I drove the car roughly 600kms and all I can say is I absolutely LOVE the car! Thank you all for making a dream come true. I will look forward in dealing with you all in the future once the insurance company allows me to modify the car! Thanks again!

- Jonathan

I purchased a 1999 Suzuki Carry mini truck. I had some minor issues which were taken care of promptly. Darko in Sales and the Parts representatives took care of any concerns I had without any problem. I am enjoying my mini truck. Please share this with anyone you wish.

- Cliff

Thank you for your support over the years since I bought my Delica.

- Sue V

Thanks RightDrive for my new Skyline! You turned it into exactly what I had envisioned!

- J Ferriera


After having the car for over a month, I would like to thank everybody at RightDrive for the “over the top” service. The whole sale was something I never experienced before. The fact that you found the exact example I asked for is amazing. I still stare at it everyday and cannot believe the perfect condition it is in after 17 years. The RightDrive experience was not just a car sale, more like a personal dream come true. You answered my questions and listened to my demands. Thank you also for helping me with insurance. Other dealers would just have let me figure it out. The moment the car arrived, you fixed the little things left that made the car drive like new.

- Ryan Sammut

Customer Service Engineer

I used RightDrives portal program to order my third RHD vehicle. After dealing with other importers in the past, I can say that the experience I got from RightDrive was nothing short of refreshing. They took care of everything – literally – which was ideal for me. I devote all of my available time to business planning and could not find any to shop for a car. Not only did the handle everything from sourcing to import, they found exactly what I was looking for – right down the last modification.

- Matt Lacroix

Self Employed

My husband and I run a dog walking business in Toronto and needed a 2nd vehicle that would fit down our narrow driveway. After much research, we decided the Subaru Sambar would be perfect because of it’s size, reliability and cargo space for the dogs. With a little more research we found out about RightDrive and Michael Kent and his team helped us through the process of choosing a superb microvan! They are very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions and concerns and made us feel comfortable about our decision. They were patient with us during the shipping process and very accommodating. We’ve had the vehicle for only a few days and have already mastered driving it. It brightens our day and everyone on the street who notices it! It’s loads of fun and was well worth the wait! Thank you again to everyone from RightDrive for helping us find our dream machine!

- Mike & Mary

In Good Paws Pet Services

Picked up my Delica Saturday April 30 from RightDrive in Vaughn, Ontario. A big bouquet goes out to Rob and Mike, who over the 4 months it took me to decide on my family’s next vehicle, were informative, patient, and accommodating. They stand behind the vehicles they sell, and included a warranty to back that up. The whole experience was a pleasure. I recommend them to all.

- Dave Librey


Thank You to RightDrive for your exceptional attention to detail, meeting my needs with my 98 Honda Odyssey. The vehicle is in very good condition and very roomy. I am a RSMC delivering mail on a daily route, I have been doing this work for many years and have driven many vehicles. This vehicle has given me the freedom to do my job more efficiently and economically as well as ergonomically safer for myself. I recommend purchasing a vehicle from RightDrive.

- Kathy Tedford


What an amazing 400km drive. Car stuck to the pavement like a rock the whole way, even during the windstorm which I didn’t even notice. The gear box and clutch are still factory tight and at times couldn’t believe I was driving a 1995. Power band is super sweet with no hesitation and I let the ponies run a couple of places. Strut braces kept the ride completely planted during the twists. Much thanks for a great visit yesterday, including the technical and new owner support during the last few months. Looking forward to future interaction with the RightDrive team.

- Dan J

Retired Military Personel

Thanks so much for my RightDrive vehicle – this will make it much easier and more efficient for me to deliver my mail.

- D Hussey


”I love my new vehicle, the staff at RightDrive were awesome to work with, Communication was great, vehicle is exactly what they said it was. Service was awesome and I would purchase again through this company and have passed on their name to friends. This vehicle was purchased for work and without the right hand drive I would have had to quit my job for health issues. I LOVE my New SUV.

- K Jansen


MY GTR IS AMAZING! HANDLES LIKE A DREAM. As soon as I saw it,I knew it was the one. This is the car of my dreams. Thank-you so much for giving me the opportunity to own one.

- R Obrien


Owning a GTR has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager. I knew what I wanted and searched far and wide for a reputable importer before I stumbled across RightDrive. RightDrive was sympathetic to my very detailed requests and was able to search for my desired vehicle, store it until it was legal to import, and arrange all of the shipping, insurance and registration details. After speaking with them I knew RightDrive was the way to go and I would definitely purchase a vehicle through them again.

- Jeugen Manski


I was hooked the very first time my buddy took me for a test drive. It’s always been a dream of mine to own a GT-R. Thanks to Mike and company for letting me live my dream. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a dealership as professional and comfortable as RightDrive. You are not just dealing with a sales rep. but with an enthusiast as big as yourself. This makes it an easy transaction. Thanks guys!

- J Deleon

Trade Processor

I can’t thank you both enough for helping me get this car! I love the look, style and everything about it ! It drives like a DREAM !

- A Ranger

I have to give props to the guys at RD, it was by far one of the best buying experiences I have ever had…and I’ve bought a lot of cars in my time. It exceeded all expectations. The people at Otto’s BMW and Tony Graham Lexus here in Ottawa can learn a few things from these people. The car came complete with all oem books and documentation, all history of the car, importation papers etc in a nice binder with extra space for future records. I didn’t even have to drill my plates to fit them to the JDM screw holes as RD had fabbed little alum adapter plates. Its fine details like that which makes a difference to picky people like me.

- J Chu


What a ride (CRV). I was impressed before got it home, I am more impressed now. I cannot express how much I was impressed by RightDrive and their team. The attention to every detail. It was truly a great experience. I am in love with my car and I am very happy. Again, thank you.

- E Jones

From my first inquiry about importing an SUV, to driving away with my Pajero, my experience was made enjoyable by Mike and everyone at RightDrive. The people there answered every question honestly and left me very happy with the purchase I made. Most importantly any issue or problem I did encounter with the truck was handled with the integrity of honest people that showed genuine concern and responsibility. The service folks also have treated me with respect and as a whole, they have earned my loyalty as a life time customer for anything I import in the future.

- P Degaris

Thanks RightDrive for this excellent, mint condition, fast STi. You are a very helpful dealer and assisted me all the way with what I needed to get the car. I will definitely buy from you again. Thank you so much again.

- J Lagman

Auto Body Repair

Thanks very much RightDrive – my Suzuki Carry gets me and the company noticed every time it hits the streets. I can’t buy any form of advertising like that anywhere!

- Elliotts Collision

Collision Center

I have been a Honda guy ever since I got my first car. I always wanted to go turbo but did not think spending 5 grand on a nice setup was really worth it. After going for a ride in a Skyline GTR, I knew Nissan was the next step. I have met a couple of guys that got their cars from RightDrive and I have to say I was amazed to see the condition of these cars.I have done a lot of research and spoke with multiple importers. However, I was not comfortable doing business with anyone but RightDrive. I have to say the guys were extremely knowledgeable and totally honest. If you are thinking about getting an import I strongly recommend RightDrive. Thanks for my 180sx, I love it. I have a big smile on my face everywhere I drive.

- Mark Mitric


The Nissan Skyline was my car of choice in the Gran Turismo gaming series and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I’ve seen many ads for other Skylines but they have all been in poor condition, so I wanted to see what RightDrive had to offer. I found that RightDrive were such nice people to talk to and they were extremely honest. I had the vehicle shipped up to me without any hassle. Thank you RightDrive for my dream car and this amazing Birthday Gift!

- J Peters

Glass Workers

Thank you very much for my car! This will make my life much easier on our Postal route!

- M Grossman


Supercharged, caged and on HRE Wheels! My NSX is phenomenal! Thanks RightDrive!

- P Panwar


Hey RightDrive, I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you very much, I absolutely am IN LOVE with my car!!!! There was so many questions I had to ask you the day I came to pick it up but I was in a bit of a daze, lol. I couldn’t be happier with my car and it was worth the wait!

- Kayla Thompson

Social Worker

The first time I stopped by RightDrive, I was greeted by another customer who had nothing but good things to say about Michael Kent and his dealership. I had to ask the guy if he was actually a salesman! After talking with Mike, and test driving a mini-truck, I realized what that customer was talking about, and decided a JDM import from RightDrive was the way to go. Their level of service was unbelievable.

- Clayton Hanmer