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  • On 06, Mar 2010

Recently RightDrive was invited to join the Better Business Bureau by a chapter Vice President.

The BBB is a non governmental organization that is run and governed by several private sector business entities with the goal to “foster a fair and effective marketplace, so that buyers and sellers can trust each other.”

Auction Sheets Explained

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  • On 04, Mar 2010

Auction sheets can be a good reference to a vehicles condition but this is all that they are, reference. Auction sheets are provided and filled in (along with vehicle owners) by auction house inspectors. The inspector’s at large auction houses go through hundreds of vehicles per day and this is why some things can slip through the cracks.

This is why a reputable and trustworthy importer/exporter is handy. At RightDrive, we employ staff in Japan that attend auction houses on our behalf daily for close up inspections so that no such things happen. Vehicle conditions are reported to us so as to ensure their legitimacy and to spot the things the inspectors sometimes miss.

This is why we also go the extra mile with all of our imports and assume responsibility for any flaws to make sure our vehicles are in the best possible condition for customers. Our extra efforts are what allow us to offer industry exclusive powertrain warranty.

Below is a breakdown of auction sheets and things to look for.

Exterior Condition:

5. Vehicle is like new. All original body parts. No repair needed on vehicle. Usually only given to vehicles less than 3 years old.

4.5. Vehicle is in excellent condition. No slight scratches or dents.

4. Vehicle in good condition, few scratches/dents due to normal wear as you would get with any normal vehicle.

3.5. Vehicle has a few scratches or dents visibly. The grade is usually given to a vehicle in average condition.

3. Various scratches or dents, some paint blemishes.

2. Badly corroded, non standard car or modified car

1. Inferior car or very heavily modified car.

RA or A1. Vehicle has been in a minor accident. It has been repaired to an acceptable standard.

R or A. A vehicle which has been in an accident where some parts have been repaired or replaced.

RightDrives Exterior standards are that we will not import anything below a 3.0 without corrections (In Japan or Canada). Any R grade vehicles will not even be considered.

Interior Condition:

A. As new condition. No faults.

B. Very clean condition poss. very slightly dirty.

C.Clean but with cigarette burn or dash lift.

D.Dirty interior wit odours, ripped or torn seats, etc

RightDrives standards here put greater preference on A and B grade interiors or mild C grade interiors that can be repaired.

Auction sheets codes:

AC-Air conditioning, SR-Sun roof, AW-Alloy Wheels, PS-Power steering, PW-Electric windows, FA-Automatic gearbox, F5-5 Speed gearbox, F6-6 Speed gearbox.

A1: Scratch or crack, 2- 3cm

A2: Scratch or crack less than 10cm

A3: Scratch or crack more than 20cm

U or B 1: Dent approximately 1-3cm

U or B 2: Dent less than 10cm

U or B 3: Dent more than 20cm

W1: Repaint in as new condition

W2: Repair & repaint in good condition

W3: Repair but the gloss of surface is bad

Link Exchange Program

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  • On 03, Mar 2010

RightDrive is looking to incorporate a link exchange program on our site in the future. If you or someone you know owns a website and is interested in a link exchange submit your site along with traffic data to

Factory built 10 second Ford

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  • On 20, Feb 2010

These photo’s are of the new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. The car is built to drag by the factory and is backed by Ford Warranty. As they sit, they are said to run 9 second in the qaurter mile but there are some who have been rumored to run high 8’s.

They are running on Hoosier drag slicks and are fully caged with racing seats and a supercharger to boot.

Top 10 automotive ads

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  • On 08, Feb 2010

This year was quick to release the top ten automotive superbowl commercial picks and frankly, we’de have to agree with them. So who did well this year with their advertisements?

Audi ranked high with their humorous “Green Police” commercial where they are advertising their new A3 TDI. The commercial is set around the eco-friendly trends of late.

Bridgestone hit a couple of home runs with their “Whale Tale” and “Your tires or your wife” ads. Both comical.

Hyundai also fared well with the continuance of the “Think about it” campaign and a new one celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Sonata that features a satirical presence from Brett Favre.

Honda cashed in on the animation craze that is becoming increasingly popular in advertising with their new Accord Crossover, dubbed the CrossTour, commcerial.

Kia also made the list with “Childhood Friends”, a playful look at the fun had that can be had in the new Sorento.

Volkswagon brought out “PunchDub”, arguably the most funny of the manufacturer commercials. Featuring the likes of Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder, Volkswagon has created, what we are sure will be, an all new PunchBug era.

Dodge featured the noticeable voice of Dexter’s Michael C. Hall in their new “Man’s Last Stand” commercial with its humorous observations.

Rounding out the group was a commercial by that is full is laughs.

One of the first STI Wagons produced coming to RightDrive

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  • On 04, Feb 2010

A few days ago we posted a gallery informing Subaru fans to rejoice. Well now they have more reason to smile. In March, RightDrive will have the first ever WRX STI Wagon produced.

In 1994 Subaru began production of the first ever WRX STI Wagon. That year saw about 100 units scheduled per month. The units sold at such a fast pace that Subaru planned an additional run of 200 units per month in the later months of 1994. The vehicles are all number plated with a plaque hidden inside of the engine bay. The plaque features build month along with the number off the assembly line.

This vehicle is for all purposes, a collector car. It is one of the the first STIs ever built and is No.1 of 100 built in April of 1994.

The following year Subaru mass produced these vehicles but the 1994 numbered editions are sought after worldwide to this day.

New STI breaks the mold

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  • On 01, Feb 2010

For decades many have complained about how Japan spec cars are so much more potent than their North American equivalents. For years, the Foreign auto makers have watered down variants of their greatest creations and that’s what we have had to play with.

Subaru is one of many lately who have broken that mold. The ’10 STI SE (special Edition) features a slew of J-spec parts, primarily in the suspension department, that is arguably better off than anything on a USDM chassis.

Kudos to those manufacturers who are finally breaking the mold.

Suncor shuts down

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  • On 30, Jan 2010

A few weeks ago Suncor, Sunoco fuel owner, anounced they will be closing several Ontario fueling stations and converting them to Petro Canada stations. For deisel owners this does not mean much. However, this does have implications for gasoline vehicle owners. This means that 94 octane gasoline, which is mostly sold as Sunoco stations around Ontario, may no longer be available.

Sunoco retailers are trying to fight back though as they are suing Suncor for a reported 200 million dollars in an effort to keep the stations operational.

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