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Japan Bidding Service

recaro seat

Auction bidding service

Many JDM enthusiasts know that those rare, hard to find parts come from Yahoo Auctions, Up Garages and other Japan only sources. RightDrive Parts is pleased to offer a bidding service for Yahoo Auctions Japan, Goo Parts and Up Garage.

Fees to buy

We charge a 35% fee on the auction total (winning bid amount). Buyers are then responsible for the cost of shipping from the seller to our staff in Japan and from our dealership in Toronto to the your home. FREE international shipping to our dealership in Toronto is available which can save you big $$$.
*Free international shipping applies on select parts. Please contact us to see if your part applies.
Please note that we have a minimum service fee of $35.

Warranties, refunds and exchanges

RightDrive Inc. does not offer warranties, refunds or exchanges on auction parts. Our team in Japan will do their best to ensure authenticity and condition of parts but the risk is bared by the buyer. Furthermore, our parts staff will often try to locate parts that are being sold by reputable sellers with positive feedback and encourages that buyers do the same when hunting for parts.
Most auction descriptions contain the term “no claim, no return” which means you are buying the item as-is and the seller will not accept returns. However, some sellers will accept returns and brand-new items may include a manufacturer warranty. In these cases, we are happy to work with you and the seller to resolve an issue that may require a return or exchange; however, we are not liable for shipping or re-stocking fees in these cases.