What a treat!

What a treat indeed to welcome this amazing machine into our facility where it sat patiently awaiting the owner to pick it up.
“It’s coming Monday, be sure to grab shots!” Jeff said assuring we hadn’t missed the symbolic special delivery by our friends over at Airbagged SVT- Special Vehicle Transport.


“I’ve never towed something like this before” our driver said with an intense grin building up by the second. The Jaguar XJ220 had been aired down and prepped for off-load as the Right Drive team snapped images and discussed it’s exquisite design.


Here at Right Drive Inc, a lot of people think it’s just JDM cars that we obtain. Although the JDM market is our cup of tea, President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Kent makes it very clear that Right Drive is capable of much more. If you’ve got no knowledge of the history this Jaguar XJ220 has, allow us to fill you in a little.

Here’s a well put article of our very own Right Drive President explaining the process briefly.

A Drive to Succeed. How RightDrive Became the Top Importer of Specialty Cars in Canada #IMadeThis
Written By. Diane Amato


The XJ220 is a 5-Speed manual V-6 DOHC Twin-Turbocharged UK classic super-car pushing 542 BHP. According to sources in the year of 1992 it was the most talked about Jaguar product, as Director of Engineering Jim Randle and team took on the challenge of creating one of the fastest automobiles known. Although this beauty was expected to be equipped with a V-12 heart, the V-6 engine proved more than acceptable by acquiring top speed 212 MPH, which gave it the title of fastest car in the world in it’s prime(1992-1993).


Growing up a millennial and being exposed so much to the “new school” super-cars, I found it pretty hard at first to really grasp how elegant this car actually is. I’m an Audi R8 V-10/Lamborghini Huracan/Mercedes AMG GT-R kind of guy when I hear “super-car”, but coming into a facility that specializes in vehicles twenty-years old I’ve come to start admiring differently now.

Although the interior is plain and simple, I felt as if I were climbing into a fighter jet. Well, in this case I’d be angling my upper body and cycling through bends/twists to get inside. As I adjusted my tall, lanky frame I felt very secured by the XJ220’s seats. They were firm, hugged my body, and felt cupped as the door closed adding even more security. I could imagine that the driver position would feel ten times better with those crazy gauges embedded into the doors.


This legend is now home with it’s new Owner.

Our storage time was short with the Yellow Jag, but it was definitely a treat. If I owned this machine I’m sure I wouldn’t want it sitting in a garage while beautiful summer days passed by. Not to mention the new owner is a veteran race car driver from Toronto, Ontario whom I’ve never heard of, but met here at Right Drive Inc. I’m sure he stayed awake for a few nights knowing this Yellow Cat was headed for Canadian roads. To some that would be challenging, but being a race car driver capable of 24-hour high speed racing I’m sure it’s a walk in the park for a guy like him. I’m glad to have researched his history, and will be in contact with him for another story to present to all of you. JAGUARXJ220-24