About RightDrive Inc.

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About Us

Our History

Becoming the number 1 importer in Canada didn’t happen overnight. RightDrive Inc. launched in October of 2007 with only 6 vehicles in inventory and a small, shared office in Scarborough, Ontario. What started as a passion for vehicles quickly grew into a multi-faceted RHD dealership that serves customers across North America. Currently located in Pickering, Ontario, RightDrive now hosts hundreds of vehicles at any given time as well as a RHD vehicle showroom, RHD vehicle service center and a JDM parts division.

The RightDrive Team

Michael Kent

President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael’s endless passion for customer satisfaction shares a top spot on the podium with his love of all things automotive. His compassion for every client and every team member has ensured Right Drive’s success is built on taking care of clients and providing outstanding value and ongoing support with unparalleled integrity. Michael launched Right Drive Inc. in 2007 after serving as a Producer for several Speed Channel television productions and a short racing career in the Formula Drift US national and Drift Mania Canadian drifting series.

Robinson Kelly

Chief Operating Officer
Robinson brings over 25 years of world-wide business experience to Right Drive Inc. As a serial tech entrepreneur, he has worked with global 2000 firms, started three successful companies and achieved the sale of his most recent firm to a billion-dollar US partner. Robinson provides business acumen, structure, vision and operational expertise to Right Drive Inc., ensuring ongoing growth and success.

Haris Khan

Haris is our bookkeeper, responsible for keeping accurate financial records, processing payroll and completing various analyses to help RightDrive make prudent financial decisions. Haris is our “Master of Charts” – able to make stats and figures visually fascinating and ensuring ongoing growth, financial discipline and control and company success.

Terri Lynn Fotheringham

Terri Lynn brings 10 years of organization and administrative structure to the Right Drive Team. Her natural ability to produce successful results has been proven over the many charities she has chaired and co-chaired throughout the past decade. French bilingual, Terri Lynn is able to help expand our Canadian operations through the strictest control and efficiency.

Daryl Henwood

Parts and Service Manager
When it comes to sourcing Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) parts, aftermarket or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), there is no one better than Daryl. Daryl is a former JDM parts business owner from Japan with extensive connections throughout the Japanese parts industry.

Joel Herzog

I.T. Manager
Joel handles all IT elements of Right Drive from storage, to databases to security. Joel brings years of experience as an I.T. professional to the Right Drive team and works harder than anyone else in the company’s off hours ensuring the thousands of daily hits and emails we send each day are delivered.

Darko Kasalovic

Assistant Sales Manager
Darko controls the lifeblood of our company – Vehicle Sales. A passion for delivering quality and never letting a customer down is what makes Darko so special and a key player in our family. From your first car to an RSMC Postal Vehicle, Darko is there to help.

Nathalie Bienvenu

Quebec Sales
Nathalie Bienvenu is our dedicated French correspondent in Quebec. Nathalie translates for our French clients through Emails or phone conversations and gives any French support required for vehicle sales, parts and administrative staff.

Ryusuke Nagai

Chief Japanese Mechanic
Ryusuke is a licensed Service technician who worked for Nissan Japan prior to working for Right Drive starting in 2009. Ryusuke is a perfectionist who can handle every single mechanical element with poise, grace and efficiency and is also a master fabricator. Extensive connections with Japanese experts allows “Ryu” to troubleshoot even the most challenging repairs.

Andy Laurenzi

Specialty and Diesel Mechanic
Andy is a licensed Service technician who hails from years of racing experience for several award-winning teams, and continues to Crew Chief a Honda Drag team. Andy is a skilled mechanic, welder and technician whose commitment to excellence is equaled only by his clever mechanical solutions.

Dominic Ho

Custom Build Mechanic
Dominic is an exceptionally skilled mechanic who has been servicing Right Drive vehicles since 2008. He is a master technician with over 25 years of experience on and off the track. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his track ready Honda Civic, and troubleshooting complex racing problems.

Ben Lindo

Photography & Marketing
Ben is a brilliant photographer who works tirelessly at Right Drive capturing all of the exciting cars and moments we share as a company. Ben is responsible for all inventory photographs of our parts and vehicles, as well as managing our websites and social media pages.

Greg Kent

Greg is a pivotal member of our operations, responsible for parts packing and shipping, general organization of the cars including keys and parking lot duties, delivering cars with the Sales team all over Southern Ontario, and providing relief to Service and Operations.

Kiran Persaud

Vehicle Operations Assistant
Kiran works as an assistant for all positions. He assists with everything from deliveries, detailing, and admin work, to social media and support photography. He has a strong knowledge of the automotive industry and aftermarket parts due to him competing in many automotive shows with his own award winning 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

Looking Ahead

The team at RightDrive Inc firmly believe that we will reach OEM level of sales and service. RightDrive plans to continue working with various government agencies, insurance companies and production companies to raise awareness and public interest in the RHD vehicle market.