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About Us

Our History

Becoming a high volume vehicle importer didn’t happen overnight. RightDrive Inc. launched in October of 2007 with only 6 vehicles in inventory and a small, shared office in Scarborough, Ontario. What started as a passion for vehicles quickly grew into a multi-faceted RHD dealership that serves customers across North America. Currently located in Pickering, Ontario, RightDrive now hosts hundreds of vehicles at any given time as well as a RHD vehicle showroom, RHD vehicle service center and a JDM parts division.

The RightDrive Team

Michael Kent

President and Chief Executive Officer
Michael’s endless passion for customer satisfaction shares a top spot on the podium with his love of all things automotive. His compassion for every client and every team member has ensured Right Drive’s success is built on taking care of clients and providing outstanding value and ongoing support with unparalleled integrity. Michael launched Right Drive Inc. in 2007 after serving as a Producer for several Speed Channel television productions and a short racing career in the Formula Drift US national and Drift Mania Canadian drifting series.

Jeff Ross

Manager of Operations
Jeff brings with him a wealth of automotive experience dating back to 2004 and a trusted name which he earned in the automotive regulatory environment.  He also has gained advanced knowledge in the sector with one of Canada’s largest F&I companies. Jeff is responsible for executing on the strategic priorities of our operation and is committed to growing the RHD footprint as we continue to scale across North America.

Jeffery Shek

Chief Legal Officer
Jeffrey was called to the Ontario Bar in October 2002 and shortly thereafter founded his successful general service law firm until 2017.  Jeffrey is involved in the community serving with Communications for the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs and the Canada Hong Kong Alliance (Toronto) and has recently started as a part-time professor at Seneca College.  A true vehicle enthusiast, Jeffrey started as a RightDrive customer purchasing his first RHD vehicle.

Daryl Henwood

Service & Parts Manager
When it comes to sourcing Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) parts, aftermarket or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), there is no one better than Daryl. Daryl is a former JDM parts business owner from Japan with extensive connections throughout the Japanese parts industry.

Darko Kasalovic

Assistant Sales Manager
Darko controls the lifeblood of our company – Vehicle Sales. A passion for delivering quality and never letting a customer down is what makes Darko so special and a key player in our family. From your first car to an RSMC Postal Vehicle, Darko is there to help.

Kaveen Peranantham

Vehicle Sales
Kaveen is a vehicle enthusiast who recently left the banking sector. He has past experience with an auto body shop and is quickly becoming a RHD product specialist.

Thomas Wong

Assistant Service Manager, Project Manager
Thomas comes from the customs compliance and logistics industry with over 10 years of experience. He’s an avid automotive enthusiast and grew up fascinated by JDM cars from video games and Best Motoring videos. In his spare time, he likes to drive and work on his JDM classic Datsun 280z project car.

Jay Cunningham

Media Coordinator
Jay (JC) is a content creator with a vast knowledge and passion for the automotive field. By merging two things he enjoys, he found the perfect fit here at Right Drive. JC also runs his sole business called WolfSolo Media which specializes in visual content creations. Check out his automotive IG: @wolfsolo.media!

Jason Hall

Financial Controller
Jason is our bookkeeper, responsible for keeping accurate financial records, processing payroll and completing various analyses to help RightDrive make prudent financial decisions.
Jason joins us from a direct marketing firm; he plays a mean bass for the group ‘Scratch’, and is an avid Burby and softball player.

Isaac Rodrigues

Detailing Specialist
Isaac has been working in the automotive business for three years, gaining experience at a variety of body shops and detailing spots: three stage polishing, tint installation, paint protection film and ceramic coatings. He has an imported GTi with a full carbon fibre front end, and is actively searching for his next euro ride.

Devon Grewar

Parts Advisor

Kyle Silveira

Parts Team Member
Kyle is a die-hard Honda enthusiast with a H22A swapped Accord. He loves the process of building project cars, otherwise he focuses on further developing his skills in computers & software.

Anand Solomon

Body Shop Team Lead
Anand is a licensed Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer (310) with experience dating back to 1998. He is a master problem solver and team leader who stands by these wise words “While a panacea for what ails us may be, an elixir for indolence there isn’t”. 

Keegan De France

Keegan is a talented automotive paint specialist with experience going back to 2006. He excels in airbrushing, candy paint, pinstriping and metal flake. Keegan has won multiple awards at car shows for his work which can be seen on his Instagram Page (@little_fiery_1)

Kaleem Babulal

Automotive Body Shop Team

Marco Valdecantos

Marco is a big automotive enthusiast who loves building his FK7 (Honda Civic Si). He gets motivation from YouTube vlogs to chase his 300hp target for his build. When Marco’s not wrenching away he is enjoying his family time!

Ryusuke Nagai

Chief Japanese Mechanic
Ryusuke is a licensed Service technician who worked for Nissan Japan prior to working for Right Drive starting in 2009. Ryusuke is a perfectionist who can handle every single mechanical element with poise, grace and efficiency and is also a master fabricator. Extensive connections with Japanese experts allows “Ryu” to troubleshoot even the most challenging repairs.

Andy Laurenzi

Specialty and Diesel Mechanic
Andy is a seasoned technician who hails from years of racing experience for several award-winning teams, and continues to Crew Chief a Honda Drag team. Andy is a skilled mechanic, welder and technician whose commitment to excellence is equaled only by his clever mechanical solutions.

Jan Ng

Versatile Master Mechanic
Jan is a licensed automotive service technician and has been building his skills in the auto sector since 2007.  Working with multiple OEM’s prior to joining the Right Drive team, Jan has extensive experience with imports, domestics and European vehicles.

Melvin Viray

Versatile Master Mechanic
Melvin is a licensed service technician with experience dating back to 2007, and his passion for JDM vehicles really shows. His vehicle preference is solidified with Honda and he has owned quite a few in his time. Right now he’s focused on his project car, an Acura RSX (DC5) and we can’t wait to see the finished product.

Soyab Desai

Automotive Paint Team

Joel Herzog

I.T. Manager
Joel handles all IT elements of Right Drive from storage, to databases to security. Joel brings years of experience as an I.T. professional to the Right Drive team and works harder than anyone else in the company’s off hours ensuring the thousands of daily hits and emails we send each day are delivered.

Nathalie Bienvenu

Bilingual Customer Service
Nathalie Bienvenu is our dedicated French correspondent in Quebec. Nathalie translates for our French clients through Emails or phone conversations and gives any French support required for vehicle sales, parts and administrative staff.

Greg Kent

Operations Assistant
Greg is a pivotal member of our operations, responsible for developing company protocols, customer data management, inventory management, and shipping/receiving. Greg also supports the sales team by constantly finding ways to improve our online marketplace presence.

Looking Ahead

The team at RightDrive Inc firmly believe that we will reach OEM level of sales and service. RightDrive plans to continue working with various government agencies, insurance companies and production companies to raise awareness and public interest in the RHD vehicle market.

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