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Sun, Aug 15th 2010, 22:30

Many people have trouble with finding affordable insurance for their Right Hand Drive Vehicle. This is due to the bad publicity that has surrounded these vehicles as of late. Although other provinces have banned them , Ontario has expressed no interest in doing so.

In Quebec, some insurance companies have become selective of what will be insured and what will not be. Fortunately for us in Ontario, this can NEVER happen. Ontario insurance is operated on a federal level and any bans on RHD vehicle would come from Transport Canada and not any one insurance company alone.

The options for clients are as follows:

1) Obtain Insurance through your current provider. Although your broker may push back or reply with confusion, very few companies have actually filed rules with the FSCO stating they wish not to insure RHD vehicles. Most companies still do, but will only underwrite your file if they feel they will lose existing business. Leveraging this to keep all of your insurance in one spot is the easiest task for both the company and the end user, and 9 times out of 10, the company will insure your RHD vehicle. Rates will be very reasonable as they will be quoted through the prime market.

2) Obtain Specialty Insurance. Through Lant and Hagerty Insurance, you will be able to obtain full comprehensive and collision benefits with no kilometer restrictions for as little as $300 per year! Both companies however have strict rules of use, and intend for the vehicle to be the collector that it truly is, and not driven for everyday use. If you qualify, this is the cheapest way to insure your RHD vehicle.

3) Obtain Regular Insurance. Through one of our current providers, we can obtain a quote based on everyday use. The rates in this case are elevated compared to a left hand drive vehicle by 20% - 40% depending your driving history. The cause for this increase is primarily due to the 2006 ICBC Study that suggest RHD vehicles, although equally safe to LHD vehicles can be involved in collisions with 40% more frequency. This case study has been scrutinized by RHD vehicle owners for years, but unfortunately it has resulted in elevated insurance premiums should you fall into this category of insurance. Our team works with many different providers that can help. In many cases, especially with Diesel and Kei class vehicles, fuel savings after the first year supersede the elevated insurance premiums.

The future of Insurance for RHD Vehicles? Our goal as a company is to represent our clientèle for fair and competitive insurance rates in Ontario. Reaching out to each and every insurance company to help put a RHD vehicle package together has been a company mission for the majority of 2010. Much like Motorbike riders, who were faced with the same conditions in 2005, several companies branched out to offer support and rate groups fair for the marketplace, and now over 25 different companies in Ontario offer Motorbike insurance.

Much will be the same with RHD Vehicles as time progresses as several insurance companies are currently considering offering a specialty rate plan for the growing consumer base of RHD vehicle owners.

For more information, please contact Our team of experts is here to help you find the best insurance policy possible. We have a certified vehicle appraiser on hand along with many industry contacts and support. We work tirelessly to set up partnerships that will benefit our customers.